About Us

I welcome you to the Jungle Eco Reserve.

Our reserve is the ideal place to enjoy the Panamanian jungle in a relaxed way.

We made it accessible with more than 1800 meters of stone step trails. You can experience the fantastic vegetation close up. It is the ideal place to fish in the lake and cook your meals with our barbecues. Go camping and bird watching in the early morning or just simply come and experience the beauty of the environment.

We aspire to help our planet by being carbon negative in our energy use. Visiting our arboretum with numerous different species of trees is an astonishing experience.

We have our own carbon capture and sequestration pilot project as well.

Great dangers are facing our planet in terms of climate change. We hope to contribute to solving these problems, like a sun rider bringing light in the darkness. The painting behind my desk was made by my grandfather and depicts our sense of duty to the planet. Now it is our logo, our hope for a sustainable future.

Take a look at our website and make a reservation today!

Best wishes,

Al van Meurs