Bird Watching

The Panama Canal Zone is extremely rich in bird life.

Based on “An Illustrated Field Guide to the BIRDS of PANAMA” (Ediciones Balboa) an astonishing number of 476 different species of birds can be observed on and from the Gatun Jungle Eco Reserve.

Of this enormous amount of species, 53 species are water fowl and other birds that depend on fish. Our trail made of stone steps along the shores of Lake Gatun is 1500 meters long. This makes the Gatun Jungle Eco Reserve the prime location to observe water fowl.

The trail follows a special inlet of Lake Gatun, which we call Bird Cove because it is extremely rich in bird life, since there is no disturbance from boat traffic.

There are comfortable stone tables and chairs located along the trail. So bring your own food and come and have breakfast on the property, while watching the morning bird life.