Come camping for one or more nights in the jungle. Experience the magic of waking up in the morning in the jungle together with the amazing birds on the Gatun Jungle Eco Reserve.

We have special Tentsile “Stingray” tents which are like three point covered hammocks tied to the trees. So, you stay off the ground. Critters cannot crawl in. Dense netting with zippers ensures that flying insects cannot get in either. A tent is good for two adult persons.

We also have regular pop tents. We can set the tent up in a general location or in our special gazebo in order to be more comfortable.

We set the entire tent camp up for you, consisting of the tent, a table, two chairs, a garbage can, a lamp, two flashlights, an LPG based cooking set and drinking water. We will set up the tent within a short walking distance from an outhouse. So, all you have to bring is the food you want to cook and some blankets or sleeping bag for the night.